Curriculum Vitae

There is usually a psychological undertone to my work, a message, a human condition triggered by personal and/or worldly events. It stems from fears about life as well as about the joy of just being alive. From a center core that is hardly ever seen but more felt. My imagination than makes up visuals of those feelings. Wars, loneliness,  as well as the joy of feeling one with the universe are all subjects that I  pluck out of everyday life and use in my paintings. My aim is to be as HONEST as possible to myself so that it can convey as directly and clearly in my work.

In my still life and flower paintings the intensity is still present as I approach every subject with equal respect . The attention to details is based on my personal style of painting but also to my feeling that everything, even the smallest leaf is of equal importance to everything else.

Reviewed  in Art Speak, The New York Times, Newsday, Suffolk Life, The News Review, etc.

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