Every once in a while I am honored to have someone write about my work. I am humbled by these fine writers and photographers.

July, 2023

New York Times: A Time Capsule of Human Creativity, Stored in the Sky. 
The Lunar Codex, an archive of contemporary art, poetry and other cultural artifacts of life on Earth, is headed to the moon.  Click here to read

November, 2022

Ivona Jakic program on Radio Split ( Croatian Radio). Interview with NY artist ANNA JURINICH.  11/20/2022
Ivona Jakic program na Radio Split  ( Hrvatsko Radio). Intervju sa NY umjetnica ANNA JURINICH.  20/11/2022

2023/24: Works selected to be preserved on the Lunar Rover.

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Feb 26, 2021: Once I Lived There at the collector’s residence. 

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Dec 7, 2016: TV Show “The Writer’s Dream” interviews Author & Painter, Anna Jurinich.

The Yellow Vase by Anna Jurinich.